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Terms & Conditions

MotoGP Sports is the owner and operator of this website. Hence, the terms “us”, “our”, and “we” refer to MotoGP Sports. MotoGP Sports offers the content of this website to general visitors. However, the information, services, and tools available here are subjected to your acceptance of the site’s Terms and Conditions, as well as policies.

Hence, it is essential for you to read these “Terms of Service” and “Conditions” prior to accessing our services.

Terms of Service

Agreeing to our Terms of Service suggests that you are at least 18 years of age. You are not allowed to use our products for any unauthorized or illegal purposes. Besides, you can’t violate the laws of your state or country while using our services.

Further, you are also prohibited from transmitting any virus, code, or destructive software to our site. If you violate or breach any of these terms, we hold the right to immediately terminate your access to this site or any services we offer through this platform.

General Conditions

We hold the right to refuse to offer our services to anyone, at any time, and without even disclosing the reason. By agreeing to our conditions, you understand that your information other than credit card information might be transferred without being encrypted. This transfer might involve:

  • Transmitting the information to other networks
  • Using information while connecting to a device or network

Note: We always transfer the Credit Card information once it is encrypted.

You also agree not to copy, duplicate, reproduce, or sell any part of this website. If it is necessary, you need prior permission from MotoGP Sports.

Third-Party Content/Links

This website may contain third-party products, content, and services. Hence, you may come across third-party links, which direct you to the third-party website. These websites aren’t our affiliates. Therefore, we won’t be held responsible for the content, products, or services of these third-party websites.

In addition, we will not be responsible for the damage or any harm caused to you while purchasing the products or services of the third party. Hence, make sure to read the third-party policy carefully. Any complaint, claim, or concern should be made directly to the third party.

Account Information and Accuracy of Billing

It is our right to refuse an order without giving any reason. We have the discretion to cancel or limit the quantity of any product ordered by a person. If this happens we will notify the customer via email or phone.

It is your obligation to provide accurate address information. You can update the address information at any time before making an order.

Changes Made to the Prices and Service

We reserve the right to change the price of any product without prior notice. We can modify a prduct or discontinue our services without notifying our clients or users. We (or the third party) are not liable to give any reason for such change or modification.

Errors, Omissions, and Inaccuracies

It is not usual but errors may occur. You may find an error, omission, or inaccuracy in the information displayed on our website. For instance, these errors may relate to pricing, product description, offers, or shipping charges.

We hold the right to remove these errors or omissions and update the information. Based on these omissions or inaccuracies, we can cancel one or all orders.

User Feedback, Comments, and Other Submissions

If you send particular submissions upon our request or without such request, we can use them for promotional purposes. Besides, we have the privilege to remove your feedback or comments. It isn’t binding upon us to perform any of these actions:

  • Respond to your comments
  • Maintain confidentiality of your comments
  • Pay compensation for such comments

We aren’t liable to edit, monitor, or remove any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, or offensive comment. You also need to agree that all your comments should not infringe the rights of the third party. These include privacy, trademark, copyright, personality, or proprietary rights.

It is strictly prohibited to use a frivolous or false e-mail. Pretending to be someone else is also not allowed while making an order. You will be responsible for your comments and whatever perception they build. Therefore, we aren’t liable for third-party comments.

Changing the Terms of Service

We hold the right to exercise our sole discretion and update the terms or services. We can change or replace any part of or the whole content of “Terms of Service” without prior notice. You are responsible to read this section of our website to stay updated.

So, you must try to visit our site periodically and upgrade your knowledge about our “Terms of Service”. By knowing the changes and amendments, you can better understand our terms and conditions.